'Be The Blockchain' Training Event

Blockchain is a term we are hearing more and more in today’s society but do any of us really understand it and the impact it will have in the future?   Would you like to have a better understanding of how blockchain works? This experiential training event run by PwC Isle of Man will see event attendees be the blockchain.

Over 250 ‘Be The Blockchain’ games have been played across Europe to date and we are delighted to be partnering with Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and PwC to bring this unique event to the Isle of Man for the first time.

The analogy of how blockchain could have worked in the 1950s with a paper process and limited technology will see attendees join small teams to take on the roles of a recorder, validator and distributor to play a node in a blockchain network and experience how a shared, distributed ledger of transactions is built.

Over 3 levels, attendees will learn the characteristics and key concepts of blockchain to gain a practical understanding of what blockchain is and how it operates.

This is a must-attend event to experience and understand the possibilities of blockchain with no prior knowledge of blockchain required.

Watch the video to see the game in action

All attendees are invited to join the blockchain forum for drinks and networking after the event.


Thursday 20th June, Woodbourne House, Douglas, Isle of Man

14:00 – 14:30           

Registration & refreshments


Training experience starts

15:45 - 16:00             

Break & refreshments




Blockchain forum drinks sponsored by PwC Isle of Man


Early Bird tickets - available for one week only (until noon 24th May)

Chamber members - £70

Non-members - £90

Full Price tickets

Chamber members - £90

Non-members - £110

All ticket prices are ex Vat

2 tickets max per Company


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