Esports for Business Event

Digital Isle of Man's esports team presents the Island's first Esports for Business Event.


About this event

On Wednesday 15th June, Digital Isle of Man will be hosting its first 'Esports for Business' event at Woodbourne House. This will be led by our two Esports Executives, Josh Kingett and Liam Slack, and is the perfect opportunity to better understand how your business can capitalise upon this explosive industry.

The event itself will be broken down into three separate workshops, complete with an esports strategy overview, presentation, breakout round-table session led by members of the Digital Isle of Man team. We expect each of these workshops to last 2 hours.

Recognising the diverse set of businesses within our ecosystem the workshops will be tailored by industry type. There will be sessions for (i) Corporate Service Providers, Financial Services and Banking, (ii) Broadcast, Marketing and Event Production and (iii) eGaming, Blockchain and Data Security.

The agenda for the day is as follows. Please select the workshop that is suitable for your business. You can choose to attend more than 1 or all 3 if your business falls under multiple categories.


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09:30 -11:30: Workshop 1 for Corporate Service Providers, Financial Services & Banking

"Which financial and logistical challenges currently exist within the esports industry and how are they continuing to evolve?"


12:30 - 14:30: Workshop 2 for Broadcast, Marketing & Event Production

"What creative opportunities are there in esports, how best to approach the industry, and where can value be added?"


15:30 - 17:30: Workshop 3 for eGaming, Blockchain & Data Security

"The reason why eGaming, blockchain and esports synergies are starting to emerge in vast quantities and how data security can be applied to this digital sector"


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Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3


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