Meet the latest members of the Digital Isle of Man team!

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It has been a busy time for us here at Digital Isle of Man, and we have welcomed four new members in the past few months. Introducing Cheryl Gleeson - Marketing Manager, Tara Leneghan - Strategic Partner, Gareth Pryce-Jones - Strategic Partnership Manager and Liam Finch - Marketing Executive. 

Sitting down with the new team members, we asked them about why they chose Digital Isle of Man, what a typical day looks like and more! 



Cheryl Gleeson - Having worked in the financial sector for over 25 years, I was attracted to working across a range of new sectors within Digital Isle of Man and expanding my knowledge of and exposure to businesses within sectors from esports through to Blockchain and the Internet of Things.  Having recently moved to the Island, I am also passionate about the benefits of living on the Isle of Man and promoting the Island as a great place for digital businesses to develop and individuals to thrive.

Tara Leneghan - So the digital sector accounts for around 30% of the Island’s economy, and it’s the fastest-growing sector on the Island. I was most excited at the prospect of being at the forefront of supporting the sector - working closely with the industries to understand their pain points and working collaboratively on solutions to ultimately drive them forwards.

Gareth Pryce-Jones - I was excited to work within a variety of different sectors to those I have in the past here on the island. Especially after the pandemic, the digital industry is a fast-paced and exciting sector to be involved in. Having lived on the Island for 14 years, I have seen how we have embraced exciting new sectors - I want to help bring more of these to the Island by showcasing what we have to offer here.

Liam Finch - I think the range of industries that Digital Isle of Man is involved in is a super interesting mix, from fintech and blockchain through to esports. Having been a gamer for most of my life, the opportunity to work with the esports sector is one ticked off my professional bucket list! 



Cheryl Gleeson - Having spent most of my career in the UK, what has surprised me is the access local businesses have to the Government and the amount of support available to them from the Department for Enterprise, including the marketing function. Therefore, the close collaboration between marketing and local businesses is a pleasant surprise. 

Tara Leneghan - I knew the role would be a steep learning curve, but I’m surprised at just how much I’ve learnt in such a short time. We work across a variety of sectors within digital – from mature industries such as eGaming and Telecoms to more emerging sectors like Esports, Fintech and Blockchain.

It’s been an eye opener seeing how many exciting and innovative projects are going on on-island. I’m really enjoying having the opportunity to get involved and support businesses in driving those forwards.

Gareth Pryce-Jones - Coming from working in the private sector, I have been used to a fast pace of working and was taken back by how dynamic Digital Isle of Man is. There is a lot to learn with the different industries that are here on the Island, but I see this as opportunity for me to grow as a member of the agency and help our stakeholders and their businesses here on the Island.

Liam Finch - The range of sectors Digital Isle of Man is involved in provides a plethora of projects to work on. This has created a fresh and exciting working environment. 



Cheryl Gleeson - No two days are the same, and activities can range from meetings with local businesses to understanding how we can support them from a marketing perspective to working on a communications strategy for the department.   

Tara Leneghan - A typical day would usually involve meeting a variety of businesses to see where we can support and assist them in growing and thriving. This support can range from well-established businesses looking to relocate hundreds of staff members to the island or guiding tech start-ups around funding support options for their start-up costs.

Gareth Pryce-Jones - My role varies day to day, and that is the exciting thing about it. You could be doing account meetings with existing businesses on Island and working with them to find ways to support their growth to help with funding. You can also be talking to businesses that are looking to set up here on the Island, and I would make sure that they have all the information and support needed to transition their business and staff here.

Liam Finch - I am still trying to figure that out myself; having only joined the team in late June, every day so far has been different! Marketing, by nature, is a very diverse role and you are required to be multi-faceted and dynamic in your approach. 



Cheryl Gleeson - I enjoy the variety of the role and having the opportunity to learn about exciting new sectors and the businesses within them.  I enjoy meeting new people and building relationships and, of course, I love promoting an island that I am proud to call home.

Tara Leneghan - I think it’s the problem-solving and variety that I love the most about the role – this could be assisting a company with locating new office premises and navigating funding support for them, or assisting a new blockchain project get set up and off the ground.

The calibre of people I’ve met in the industry so far has been impressive – there are some very intelligent and knowledgeable people working in the space. I am really enjoying building these relationships and having the opportunity to learn from industry experts in the field along the way.

Gareth Pryce-Jones - So for me, I love meeting and building relationships with people and businesses on-Island and adding value to what we can offer from an agency's point of view to them, ultimately, being a point of contact for them makes a difference. Not every day is the same, and one call or email from a prospective business can allow you to help a business understand the benefits we can bring them to move and relocate to the Island.

Liam Finch - For me, it is the variety that comes with marketing; you could be arranging a photoshoot, project planning an event, social media scheduling, networking or producing creatives. There are very few careers that allow that range of tasks! Being able to tackle a wide range of jobs simultaneously and efficiently is very rewarding.



Cheryl Gleeson - Outside work, travel is my biggest passion and my list of ‘places to visit’ never seems to get any shorter’.  Being relatively new to the Island, I also enjoy discovering new parts of the Island and the many walks, glens and beaches.

Tara Leneghan - After renovating for the last 18 months during the evenings and weekends, I know how easy it can be to forget to give yourself the time to relax, but it’s so important to make the time. I’m outdoors as much as possible, so anything out and about in nature helps me relax and unwind after a busy day. Whether it be hiking, sea-swimming or exploring a new footpath – we’re so lucky to have it all on our doorstep.

Gareth Pryce-Jones - Having teenage twin boys, it’s a must to unwind and relax after finishing work, so I enjoy mounting biking and seeing the Island to play walking football, too old now to play normal football. I also think it is important to make time to meet up with friends and socialise.

Liam Finch - As an avid rock climber, when I am not at my desk, you can usually find me dangling precariously from a rope or falling onto a crash pad. When the weather isn't favourable for climbing, I spend my spare time doing house renovation work.