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The Isle of Man has a world-class reputation as an e-Gaming jurisdiction whose priority is:

  • Keeping gambling crime free
  • Protecting the young and vulnerable
  • Ensuring that the facilities offered by licensed operators are fair and that players receive their true winnings

The benefits of establishing your e-Gaming business on the Isle of Man:

  • Low gaming duty of between 0.1% and 1.5% on Gross Profit
  • 0% Corporation Tax
  • World-class infrastructure, bandwidth and power resilience coupled with excellent data hosting facilities
  • An extensive clustering of service providers / advisors and peripheral activities such as marketing, software and IT providers with experience in e-Gaming business on your doorstep
  • Supportive legislation making the Isle of Man an ideal location for disaster recovery
  • Cryptocurrency and virtual items regulations enacted for online gambling
  • 6 world-class datacentres offering disaster recovery facilities
  • Consumer focused regulation and player protection
  • A simple application process, typically 10 -12 weeks
  • Political stability
  • No need for Fiscal Representative in the UK
  • Financial assistance for start-ups and relocations

e-Gaming businesses in any jurisdiction also require an excellent source of advisers and service providers so it is reassuring to know that the Island benefits from excellent legal, accountancy and fiduciary firms with direct experience in gaming.

The Island has an advanced telecommunications infrastructure with cutting-edge fixed and mobile telecoms networks and highly resilient bandwidth connectivity delivered through outstanding data centres offering gaming specific expertise and industry leading DDOS mitigation solutions.

All these factors have enabled the Isle of Man to become a significant player within the e-Gaming economy and helped a significant cluster of firms to establish themselves on the Island.

e-Gaming Development Team

The e-Gaming team's goal is to support licence applications with strategic counsel, practical support and a high quality service delivered in a timely manner. They will support and guide you through the process of applying for a gambling licence and help you to establish and grow your business on the Isle of Man.

The team can introduce you to an extensive network of local service providers and advisors that have a wealth of experience and expertise in the e-Gaming sector and who can help you set up your business quickly, cost-efficiently and successfully.

When it comes to employing your work force, the team can also help with immigration and work permit applications to help ensure that you get the right people in the right jobs at the right time.

For all the information you need, download our brochure here.

Disaster Recovery 

A well prepared operator will have a contingency plan should a disaster strike in their primary jurisdiction. The main points to consider when preparing a disaster recovery plan are the infrastructure, the power, the connectivity, the speed and ease of activating your DR and the regulations of your chosen jurisdiction.

The Isle of Man offers world-class DR facilities with a whole host of benefits, including: 

  • A secure geographical environment with very low natural environmental risks
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • High-tech, high capacity, world-class data centres
  • Self-generated, fully backed up power supplies
  • Specialist technicians, standby generators, fuel supplies, fire suppression and early warning systems on site at data centres
  • Servers that can be switched on quickly, without difficulty

Read more about our DR offering and contact us here.

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