• A government with an authentic knowledge of the global esports ecosystem
  • A welcoming island with sports - both traditional and extreme -in its DNA
  • Home to a forward thinking regulator, experienced in crafting fit for purpose regulation

Understanding esports

Looking to understand what esports is? The following video will take you through all you need to know about this growing industry, educating those with little exposure to the esports industry other than the headlines that they have seen of late.

Chris Kissack (Head of Esports) covers the history of the esports industry, from its origins in internet cafés and university competitions to filling stadiums and breaking viewership records. Chris gives an overview of the vast esports ecosystem now covering a multitude of games, scenes and aspects. Lyle Wraxall (CEO, Digital Isle of Man) then covers what we are doing as a Government in the esports space.


Our esports division is the newest addition to Digital Isle of Man. Built from the ground up by those with authenticity, a genuine passion for esports, and a true knowledge of the esports ecosystem.

We know the industry, follow it closely and welcome organisation owners, pro-players, tournament operators (TO), and esports start-ups to our Island to expand and prosper here.

The Island

We understand that the esports industry is not all about tier one organisations and multimillion dollar prize pools, it’s about the players, be them casual or aspiring professionals. We nurture our local grassroots scenes with genuine passion, by supporting education initiatives, player networking events, and pathways to sponsorship from local and international brands.

Leading brands across different industries choose the Isle of Man as their home, whether it’s for their HQ, back office or training and development hub. There are a lot of great financial benefits and growth opportunities for esports businesses to be based here in the Isle of Man.

But it’s not all about doing business. The Island is frequently ranked as one of the safest places in the British Isles, and is known its excellent quality of life.


Regulation that's fit for purpose

We are engaging the esports industry to create legislation and regulation which is safe, workable and profitable; teaming up with key entities to help write the rules, determining how those rules are actively enforced and who should be licensed as a result.

Our proposition is built on three basic principles:


Work with the sector to co-author legislation and regulation; together we can determine the future of the industry. Creating legislation and introducing a regulator will protect publishers, tournament operators, pro-players, and the gaming community from reactive measures by other political bodies.


Encourage investment and take the competitive advantage by ensuring you have the right credentials to enter the market.


In the Isle of Man we operate quickly, cooperatively, and internationally; benefitting from a favourable tax regime in a world-class licensing jurisdiction, with robust infrastructure to match.

Join Us

Our initiative will promote the legitimacy of the industry for further investment and drive awareness of the numerous ways to prosper in the Isle of Man and we want you to join the conversation.

Your esports contact

Chris Kissack

Head of Esports

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