Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Free access to an Island-wide IoT network, sensors & expert advice
  • Promote & facilitate the use of IoT in the public and private sectors to improve the social and economic development of the Island
  • Support, develop and test innovative uses of these technologies in a fully representative and discrete setting

The Internet of Things (IoT) initiative provides the opportunity to work directly with the Isle of Man Government and strategic partners through its accelerator programme, to solve problems and create new applications in the IoT space. Joining together with innovative technological partners across many sectors provides the opportunity for a true test bed environment.


The Digital Isle of Man Accelerator approach is to:

Encourage the use of existing and emerging technologies to capture information about the physical world around us (air, water, buildings, roads, traffic, etc.) and use that information to enhance the wellbeing of our community.

Facilitate the use of IoT, in the public and private sectors to improve productivity and profitability. 

Support, develop and test innovative uses of these technologies in a small island setting, which can then be exported to larger markets, creating commercial opportunities for Manx businesses. 

Educate by increasing awareness of IoT in schools, colleges, charities, business and government. 

Provide access to corporate services providers and other organisations that can support your business growth as well as the free, island-wide LoRaWAN.


Why the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is a well-respected digital jurisdiction with a robust infrastructure. Our versatility means we are fast followers, incorporating successful approaches and regulations into our propositions in line with business needs.

The Island is home to a diverse range of technologies and technical minds, with collaboration at its core. With this, there are a number of opportunities to work together to solve problems and enhance your solution across many complementary areas; data access and analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and privacy & security. Our adaptive regulation can provide opportunities for R&D, proof of concepts and technology trials.

As well as the initial trial network, there are also two independent mobile networks and many other technical solutions available.

You can also apply for consideration for additional support if you're an educational establishment or entrepreneur. 

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IoT Manager

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