Disaster Recovery

When your business is online, you need it to stay online no matter what’s going on in the physical or technical environment.

Data centre

A well prepared operator will have a contingency plan should a disaster strike in their primary jurisdiction. The main points to consider when preparing a disaster recovery plan are the infrastructure, the power, the connectivity, the speed and ease of activating your DR and the regulations of your chosen jurisdiction.

The Isle of Man places a big tick in all these boxes, providing a resilient and reliable environment in which to host. With legislation in place that allows temporary operation under the terms of your home jurisdiction for up to 90 days, with milestone permissions required every 30 days, you will not need to pay additional licensing fees by invoking your DR servers based here.

Hosting your disaster recovery in the Isle of Man as part of your business continuity plan prevents disruption to your customers and potential loss of profit as well as a whole host of benefits including:

  • A world-class power network and telecoms infrastructure, including six top-tier datacentres.
  • The Island is geographically safe, free from natural disasters and away from fault lines.
  • It is physically safe, far from conflict zones, with some of the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • We are a stable, self-governing jurisdiction with a strong economy and supportive Government.
  • We have a strong community of professional service providers with expertise in eGaming, blockchain, and emerging technologies.

Basing your disaster recovery provision in the Isle of Man will ensure you are receiving a service fully supported by a jurisdiction which specialises in online gambling.

Disaster recovery planning and preparation can be your lifeline to retaining your customers and staying in business!

The Isle of Man boasts five data centre providers:

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