Telecoms & Infrastructure

The Island’s diverse economy requires a supportive infrastructure. Digital businesses on the Isle of Man are supported through a range of services, including both physical and virtual infrastructure.

One of the Isle of Man’s key strengths is its world-class telecommunications infrastructure. The Island has an advanced and diverse telecommunications network providing fixed-line voice and broadband services and two 4G mobile networks. The Island's National Telecoms Strategy was released in October 2018, with a vision that the Isle of Man will be recognised as being at the forefront of telecoms innovation.

Carrier class connectivity to and from the Isle of Man is provided via five discrete fibre cables which allow the creation of high bandwidth fibre optic rings connecting the Island with the North of England and Ireland. These links can employ ‘self-healing’ technology which guarantees that if a fault occurs at any part of the link, voice and data traffic is seamlessly re-routed in the other direction. Similar resilient ring technology is also used for the Island’s internal delivery networks.

  • 99% 4G and 75% 4G+ coverage
  • 5 x Subsea cables
  • 6 x Tier 3, ISO accredited Data Centres

The Island has the capability to generate up to 200% of its peak electricity demand from a combination of sources including gas and renewable sources such as a hydro electric plant. On average the island exports 20-25% of the energy that it generates to the UK via a sub-sea cable.

  • 4 x Power stations
  • 102 kilometres of subsea cable
  • 20 kilometres of high pressure gas pipeline

The Isle of Man has air links with many major airports situated in the UK, Channel Islands, Ireland and further afield along with sea links to the UK and Ireland. Most airlines operate daily flights to the Island, some taking as little as 40 minutes. Whilst via sea, both fast craft and conventional ferry services are offered.

The Island offers complete critical and resilient infrastructure with access to Regulators, key stakeholders and Government.