Cryptocurrency exchange Bittylicious aims to make buying and selling Bitcoin as quick, easy and accessible for as many people as possible.

Established in 2013 as one of the first UK cryptocurrency exchanges, their overarching objective is to help more people connect with this new technology.

After over 7 successful years in the UK, Bittylicious established itself in the Isle of Man in 2020, and has not looked back since.



Blackfridge is a pioneering fintech company that aims to provide regulated cryptocurrency exchange services and a fully collateralised GBP stablecoin. The team brings a breadth of experience with a view to embrace the safety and legitimacy that regulation is bringing to the world of cryptocurrency. Operating within the regulatory frameworks of the pro-blockchain jurisdictions of the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, Blackfridge hopes to help facilitate further growth of this rapidly evolving sector. Blackfridge holds the relevant agreements for operating cryptocurrency exchanges with regulatory oversight in both the Isle of Man and Gibraltar. Initially exchange services will have B2B/institutional focus. Our CEO was previously head of global operations for one of the ‘big two’ exchanges and has experience of launching regulated exchanges in multiple jurisdictions. The Blackfridge stablecoin is a new digital asset fully collateralized one-to-one by GBP, which will allow participants to transact in a trusted and secure GBP-backed and denominated asset with the benefits of blockchain technology and the oversight of financial regulators. Collateral will be held in purpose trust at the Government owned Gibraltar International Bank.


Maverick Games

Maverick Games is the newest crypto adventure for gaming enthusiasts. Discover the best of crypto casino games, slots, multi-player games, esports and sports betting. Headquartered and staffed on the Isle of Man, Maverick Games is proud to be fully licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Maverick Games provides a safe and secure sportsbook & casino so players can focus on having fun. Innovation and community are the light that guides players in a betting experience like no other. Hand in hand with partners upholding the highest operating standards, Maverick Games leads the future of crypto gaming with a globally respected license.



CoinCorner is one of the UK's leading Bitcoin exchanges. From day one, our aim has been to make buying Bitcoin quick and easy for people in the UK and around the world.

Calling the Isle of Man our home, we’ve made huge strides to build trust in the Bitcoin industry. From working extensively with the Isle of Man Government on Bitcoin regulation to educating people from all walks of life through the media, public talks, and more.

Founded in 2014, we’re an award-winning exchange that holds Designated Business status with the IOMFSA and is trusted by 200,000+ people in 45 countries globally.


Read more: CoinCorner's journey from garage startup to leading Bitcoin exchange.


CasinoCoin (CSC) is a digital currency, developed specifically for the gaming industry.

CasinoCoin is powered by the XRP Ledger and gives users unmatched transaction costs, speed and security, with near instant deposits and withdrawals costing a fraction of other crypto or traditional currencies.

CasinoCoin is led by a team dedicated and experienced in working within the regulated gambling sector and crypto e-gaming sectors. With this as a focal point, features and tools have been customized to meet both the needs of the users and the operators. Eminence, the company behind CasinoCoin, is proud to have the Isle of Man as its home.


Infinex Partners

Infinex Partners is a green-tech and blockchain development company that leverages its extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge and innovative product design to help businesses, governments and NGOs to obtain competitive advantages. Zeroing down on removing the barriers that prevent businesses from benefitting from emerging technologies.

Introducing NOVA, a unique product for the rapid development of end-to-end Blockchain solutions. NOVA includes a vast array of foundation and specialised management modules to support any type of business, including Marketplaces, E-commerce and Fintech.

Ensuring security and auditability by incorporating the ISO27001 framework and only utilising enterprise-grade solutions for operations, internet & data security, storage and encryption.


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Blockchain: sometimes a misconception of added trust

The power of blockchain is not (only) in decentralisation 

FunFair Technologies

Our goal is a world of truly fair, decentralised online gaming powered by blockchain technology. Leveraging the transparency and security of the blockchain, the protocol and platform developed by the FunFair Group are the foundation for a pioneering gaming ecosystem which links all participants in real time. A fairer, more user-friendly experience for players and a more efficient tool for the industry, our innovative casino technology is set to revolutionise online gaming.


Moni Talks

Moni Talks is the cutting edge of cryptocurrency; a dedicated global platform delivering important educational tools a social network with a community feel to promote peer-to-peer interaction, and an exchange supporting responsible, informed trading. Registered with the Financial Supervision Authority in the Isle of Man, Moni Talk stands for openness, trust and integrity, with reliability and security as our watchwords. Simple access to personalised, customer-focused service is available 24/7 with an approach centred on user satisfaction. Our fresh approach, bringing learning, networking and regulated trading together in one intuitive, responsive platform, will shape the development of cryptocurrency. #monineversleeps



We build fintech solutions to remove friction, deliver certainty and enhance experiences for both people and business.

Qadre is a high-growth fintech trusted by leading institutions to deliver certainty and modernise financial markets with blockchain.

At the heart of everything we create is Huski. The modular platform provides the fundamental building blocks to cryptographically manage the transfer of value – rapidly, reliably, and seamlessly integrated in several live environments.

The Qadre team is behind the earliest and most innovative blockchain projects to date. Using this proven expertise, we collaborate with the public and private sectors alike to drive policy, regulation and cultural change.



Reality Company is the revolutionary block exchange of the new world.  We are the bridge between real world productive assets and blockchain technology by building the world's first digital decentralised blockchain-based stock exchange (Reality Block Exchange).

We aim to be the safe haven for entrepreneurs and investors alike to thrive in an entrepreneurial ecosystem revolutionalising access to public funding and global market exposures.


3T is the first European tokenized venture capital investing in Tech, Talents, and Transformation - founded by Raffaele Iacovelli, former Merrill Lynch and AC Nielsen, with nearly 40 years experience in the U.S., Europe, and Switzerland. 3T leverages the token economy and the advanced blockchain regulation of the Isle of Man, to boost liquidity and transparency to the venture capital industry. The venture is supported by an international board of advisors, including Nell Watson (Singularity University, Harvard, et al.), Prof. George Ataya (Solvay Brussels School, ISACA, et al.), and Stefano Tresca (Impact Investing in Tech, Level39, et al.)


Coinshare is an e-commerce and cashback platform on the Blockchain. Merchants can sell their products like on Amazon but a fraction of the cost. Customers receive cashback tokens for their purchases that can be used as vouchers in the platform or exchanged for cash in a major external exchange. Everything is more transparent and less expensive than a traditional e-commerce, thanks to the Blockchain.



Echo Finance are harnessing the power of blockchain technology to build tools that empower investors to collateralise capital on a DeFi lending protocol by tokenising and tethering traditional investment on the blockchain.

Echo purchases ‘real’ versions of exchange traded assets (these include but may not be limited to; stocks including dividend producing, REITs and commodities) and creates a tokenised or synthetic equivalent to ensure a 1:1 tethering of real asset to token. These are available for purchase and are known as ‘echoes’. Echo then seeks to allow the investor to take these 'echoes' and use them on a decentralised finance lending protocol and benefit from being able to borrow and lend them instantly with associated interest.


MainBloq is all about Institutional Execution Technology. By connecting with dozens of venues, MainBloq is able to provide seamless, global, trading execution through their suite of proprietary tools. Not only does MainBloq provide these necessary tools for their clients but they also consult, and build proprietary trading strategies for clients in both the United States and Europe.


AerLink is a startup developing Blockchain-based digital transformation solutions for the aerospace and aviation financing sectors. AerLink is led and advised by experienced industry veterans with over three decades of commercial aircraft financing experience involving over $23 billion of successful transactions. Armed with use cases addressing a number of acknowledged high-friction pain points in the aerospace financing and supply chain processes, AerLink firmly believes in the power of Blockchain to bring a heretofore unseen level of efficiency, trust, and transparency to all parties in the aerospace financing ecosystem.


AgriLedger is a blockchain and DLT systems provider with a focus on agricultural supply chains. Regarding the challenges of growing populations and global food supply, AgriLedger illustrates how blockchain technology can revolutionize food safety and food security.

AgriLedger uses DLT for the gathering and analysis of information on small-holder farms, determining crop yields, establishing provenance, and facilitating payments and governance, with transparent end-to-end record-keeping. 



Koneqt's vision is to provide scalable platforms to large market players. We assist governments & corporates through our knowledge and infrastructure to develop their own technology IP and assets. Our main focus is technologies such as: Koneqt Platform, Blockchain, DLT, SmartContracts, IoT, Ai, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics.

Our interest lies in scalable systems of which the Koneqt platform is central. Scale to millions of users within the Koneqt ecosystem. Koneqt provides a state of the art workflow and development platform for any type of enterprise, government or business.

Website: provides personalised learning support for school pupils wherever and whenever they need it. One pupil described it as like always having your favourite teacher. Parents across the UK are spending up to £800 a year on tutors to help their children pass exams – that’s a £2 billion problem. This also leads to inequality as not everyone can afford it. So, we designed a system that provides unlimited access to high quality educational content for just £9.99 per month, making it more accessible for more people. To achieve this, our team developed three innovations powered by Blockchain technology and AI.


Nettle Coin is an ethical crypto currency & network for doing good. Nettle comes complete with a platform to support fundraising, store coins, track and give. The network effect of crypto-philanthropy is what helps multiply the value of the coin. That means charities get more than the original donation every time you use Nettle. Nettle coin is literally the gift that keeps on giving and brings decentralised currency to the giving sector.


SORAMITSU is a Japanese technology company delivering blockchain-based solutions for enterprises, universities, and governments. From the creation of domestic and cross-border payment systems, to the development of our own decentralized autonomous economy, our projects and use case studies represent the next-generation of fintech.


Winterbar Associates identified decentralised finance and Web3.0 as a new emerging market in 2016. Since then we have witnessed the continuing rise of Bitcoin which is a digital asset that has long surpassed the price of gold bullion (T/Oz) by a factor of multiples. To this day Bitcoin still continues it’s journey of price discovery. However, there are others. Winterbar Associates have identified other cryptocurrencies and digital tokens that offer a unique value proposition and provide a solution to modern technology dilemmas and the ever growing IoT and digital subscriber market – that we believe is the future.

It is our mission to launch a digital assets investment vehicle which provides regulated and robust access to this market for institutional investors.


Affinity (Isle of Man) Limited is Corporate and Trust Service Provider offering our clients access to a dedicated team with a wide range of expertise in the Blockchain area.

 As an Affinity client you are at the heart of our business and our sole aim is to serve your needs and protect your interests. With over £2 billion worth of assets under our management, we have a proven track record producing results for our international client base.

Our team have the necessary skills and expertise to manage your bespoke business and guide you through the applicable regulatory requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide excellent service standards through our personal approach to client relationships.

Website: is a central online location where interested Investors (‘Angels’) can register to receive Isle of Man business opportunities by email and Entrepreneurs are encouraged to share details of their business opportunities with them. In essence, the service provides the means by which the two groups can communicate. is a registered business name of Isle of Man corporate finance specialists Katz & Co. LLC - and supported by Katz Accounts see 

Appleby’s Isle of Man office is one of the longest established legal practices in the island, with 11 partners and over 60 staff.

Appleby’s multi-disciplinary global technology and innovation group comprises experts from each of our 10 offices to help businesses meet the new challenges and support clients across a broad range of emerging technologies.

Our lawyers are consistently ranked in the top tier of legal directories for our corporate and dispute resolution advice and can advise clients in relation to Isle of Man and British Virgin Islands law and facilitate the provision of legal advice in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Mauritius and the Seychelles.


Cains is an internationally renowned independent law firm providing expert legal services in the Isle of Man. Established in 1899, we are a full-service law firm consistently ranked in the top tier of international legal directories The Legal 500 UK and Chambers and Partners. 

Our Technology team, which comprises of leading lawyers from our Corporate department, have an unbeatable track record working in partnership with both international and domestic technology clients to support them across a broad range of emerging technology transactions, ensuring they receive strategic and commercial focused advice.



Scott Leonard-Morgan, Director:

Tristan Head, Director:

Cavendish Trust has an experienced in-house team of professionals with the necessary skill base and a proven track record to advise on:

  • Blockchain advisory services and implementation
  • Virtual Currency advisory and strategy
  • Pre and Post ICO advisory
  • KYC, AML and compliance obligations and requirements
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Whitepaper / Investor deck & Presentation
  • Professional infrastructure with experience in digital technology

Our professional team is dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive, cost effective, high quality management and has strong working relationships with all requisite authorities and professionals to assist you making your business a success!


Continent 8 Technologies is an award-winning, multi-jurisdictional hosting, connectivity and cloud solutions provider that connects, manages, and secures the world’s most valuable information. Its advanced data centres and high-quality networks support critical online operations in both private and public-sector organisations in over 50 locations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


For more information visit 

For over 25 years Domicilium has been the partner of choice on the Isle of Man.

We simply provide the most resilient, secure and flexible network, datacentre and cloud infrastructure that can be found in any jurisdiction. Our focus is always on identifying and building the correct solution for our clients, which may involve the development of new products in order to meet their requirements. We own every one of our assets outright and we support over US$2 billion of online financial transactions every month.

Innovation is part of Domicilium’s DNA. We have a history of research and development in new technologies such as blockchain to build services that give our customers a competitive advantage. We are actively working with blockchain customers in sectors which include financial services, eSports and security. 

If you require datacentre, network infrastructure and cloud services or merely want to have a chat in order to identify the right way forward for your business then we would be very pleased to speak to you.


DQ is a leading Isle of Man based law firm with an international reach. We offer a full range of legal, regulatory and compliance services to local and global clients. We are accessible, responsive and commercial with client-oriented strategies and goals. Our specialist lawyers are recommended as leading lawyers in the Chambers and Legal 500 industry guides. We have a growing Fintech practice advising clients in both regulated and non-regulated sectors.


The Hubb is an incubator for Blockchain & Technology companies, providing a supportive environment to help companies flourish in the Isle of Man. We are a Manx based community backing founders who are building the future. The Hubb is a family, a network and a place to do business and progress through connecting entrepreneurs, corporates and investors and supporting companies in areas such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and many others. In our vibrant community of Hubb'rs, we offer several services from coworking, flexible membership, private office space, meeting rooms, venue space for industry events, and networking opportunities.

ILS World relishes the opportunities new technologies bring and has embraced the potential of blockchain on businesses and commerce. Since our sponsorship of the first Crypto Valley Summit on the Isle of Man in 2014 ILS World has become the leading fiduciary service provider in this sector. Our experienced team has a "can-do" attitude, taking new regulation, legislation and previously unseen business models in its stride. We have assisted with a number of ICOs, worked with many well-known business names assisting them with eGaming licence applications and the integration of cryptocurrencies within their businesses. We have also advised other concerns in the sector such as crypto exchanges, software developers and eGaming entities and a member of the team worked on gaining the first blockchain gambling license in the world.


KR1 is Europe's leading digital asset investment company supporting early stage blockchain and DeFi projects. Founded in 2016, KR1 has been a notable first investor in many key blockchain and DeFi projects that will power the decentralised platforms and protocols that form the emerging Web3 infrastructure.

In the spirit of the open and decentralised movement, any individual or institution can buy KR1 shares through the London-based AQSE public stock exchange.


MannBenham Advocates, Advisory Solutions and Fiduciaries comprise of several highly experienced legal and professional advisory teams with a proven track record of international and domestic success spanning almost 25 years. MannBenham has been, and continues to be fundamental in the development of the Isle of Man’s egaming, cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors and their regulations. With an array of experience and knowledge it is a leading provider of practical and commercial solutions across the digital sector. MannBenham’s legal and advisory teams continue to be at the forefront, acting for many well know, leading egaming companies and working alongside several blockchain businesses. 


Manx Telecom is the leading communication solutions provider on the Isle of Man and provides a portfolio of secure, innovative hosting and connectivity services to customers on and off the Island. In 2020 we successfully completed a blockchain proof of concept (PoC) for a decentralised blockchain protocol which runs on mobile phones. This evidence of how innovation is in our DNA underlines our commitment to delivering pioneering technology solutions which can power the future of telecoms.


Read more on Manx Telecom's support for blockchain businesses

Formed in 1996, Netcetera is one of Europe's leading Web Hosting service providers, with customers in over 75 countries worldwide.
As the premier provider of Datacentre Co-location, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Managed Web Hosting Services in the Isle of Man, Netcetera offers an array of services designed to more effectively manage IT infrastructures. Our state-of-the-art data centre environment enables Netcetera to offer your business enterprise level co-location and hosted solutions.

Providing an unmatched value for your budget is the driving force behind our customer service and managed infrastructure services. From our 16,000 square foot ISO27001 certified Data Centre facility located in Ballasalla, we are able to deliver solutions that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes - through our expert IT personnel along with well defined ISO9001 processes to deliver reliable, cost-effective services. From single server to fully customized data center suites, we can provide companies with the IT solutions they need to focus on their core business instead of managing servers, networks and firewalls often at a significant cost savings.







SolutionsHub provides unparalleled expertise with registering and maintaining blockchain, crypto and gaming businesses under the Online Gambling Regulation Act and Designated Business Act. Clients benefit from hands-on experience with complex regulatory and operational issues, including the world-first blockchain gambling licence, designing world-first crypto and player protection solutions and advising the Isle of Man’s first hard-capped ICO. SolutionsHub has won more than 35 prestigious awards for work in the egaming and blockchain sectors, including two EGR B2B Awards, Cryptocurrency Services Supplier 2019 & 2022.


Read a bit more about SolutionsHub and how the business was started.


Suntera Global is a multi-jurisdictional provider of corporate, fund and private wealth services. We believe in empowering responsible ambition through the professional delivery of company, fund and trust administration as well as outsourced compliance, escrow, accounting and tax services. We have over 270 specialists supporting a global client base from offices in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta and Switzerland.

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