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Liberty advises corporate and private clients with the transition from outsourced offshore structuring (CSPs) to real ‘substance based’ infrastructure (employees, office space, IT support and accounting) and future operation.

The transition from outsourced services to building your own infrastructure requires planning, and local support. Liberty provides that local advice and support as your local trusted advisers. Liberty works with individuals, family offices and organisations (Trading, Holding, IP, Leasing, etc).


We help companies move from a CSP managed business to real physical presents on the Island (staff, employees etc). We provide advice on how to navigate the Isle of Man and make critical contacts, both locally and internationally.(banking, accounting, tax, legal, recruitment, property, government, grants, product analysis, and business support).

We help clients also with business development and commercialising IP or finding routes to market. We are activity helping clients in the following industries – ie developers in technology, (e-commerce, telecoms, blockchain, e sports gaming, media), also shipping, licensed cannabis industry, telemedical healthcare and family offices.  

We do not provide directors or any regulated services and are purely business advisors.

Occasionally Liberty will also invest itself into the company or project as part of supporting the local economy. Especially if larger employment is predicted, or it has positive impact on the local community (training, diversification of the economy, or simply that it’s a brilliant idea and we like you).

We operate on “minimal” fixed fees basis, and are an organisation that is putting something back, and helping the Island economy convert to real substance based business, which is critical for its economic future.


T: 07624 332409