The Isle of Man has positioned itself at the forefront of establishing and adopting regulatory frameworks around nascent disruptive business sectors and blockchain (and distributed ledger technology more broadly) is another such business. 

The Isle of Man’s regulatory position has always been one that is tech agnostic, where it is the activity that is judged for regulation, not the underlying technology.  This provides businesses with the degree of clarity and certainty they seek as they test and establish the technology and digital assets into their operations. 

Using flexible licencing arrangements and conditions where possible, more commonly described as a Sandbox, the Isle of Man allows blockchain based and/or digital asset based businesses to explore opportunities and adapt as the technology evolves. Digital Isle of Man works closely with business leaders, regulators and professional service providers to come together, provide guidance and establish best practice where necessary.

The Island also provides a financially rewarding base for your business, with 0% standard rate of corporate tax, no capital gains tax and personal tax rates that are among the lowest in Europe.


Partner with the Isle of Man Government to access business advisory and accelerate your blockchain business growth


Join an experienced and supportive blockchain ecosystem, with access to a dedicated hub


Accelerate your blockchain regulatory journey and ensure speed to value

Accelerator Programme

By joining the Digital Isle of Man Accelerator Programme, you will immediately have access to the wealth of benefits that are available.

The Accelerator Programme supports businesses at three levels, AssociateMember and Partner:


The Associate level is for businesses considering the Isle of Man as a base and allows businesses to be associated with the Digital Isle of Man Accelerator Programme through visibility on the Digital Isle of Man website and promotion through our channels. For businesses looking to secure funding or interest in their proposition, our promotional activities will help to raise the profile of blockchain businesses in the Accelerator Programme and increase exposure to potential investors. Associates will have a dedicated account manager and be introduced into the Island’s ecosystem and our Supporting Partners who are experienced in supporting technology businesses, all providing guidance and a supportive sounding-board.


The Member level is for businesses in the process of establishing a base in the Isle of Man. In addition to the benefits of being an Associate, Members will have access to the Island’s supportive Government, relocation support, regulatory acceleration support and guided access into the sandbox (if required). We’ll also make the transition as seamless as possible, providing networking opportunities with the Island’s ecosystem and supporting your good news with PR and marketing coverage.


The Partner level is for businesses with an established base in the Isle of Man. In addition to the benefits of being Associate/Member, Partners have the ability to shape the jurisdiction through access to Government and participation in the Blockchain Forum. Partners will also have the opportunity to contribute towards quarterly events and showcases ​on and off the Island to promote their business. The Island has a number of grants and assistance schemes to support business growth and we will provide support and assistance through the application process.


We work closely with our network of supporting partners – the on-Island experts offering services including business incorporation, regulatory guidance, and data and security solutions  – who are all on hand to facilitate driving your business forward.

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