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Digital Isle of Man was created to support the sector, developing and implementing a strategy to support sustainable economic growth and establishing the Isle of Man as a centre of international excellence for the digital economy.

As an Executive Agency within Isle of Man Government's Department for Enterprise, Digital Isle of Man is a public/private partnership, acting as a key decision maker and advisory body for the economic prosperity of the sector.

As the sector has grown worldwide, tech-based companies on the Isle of Man have followed suit with the sector now accounting for 30% of the Island’s economy. It’s a particularly diverse area, spanning eGaming, esports, Fintech, blockchain, IoT, technology, payments, media and film. 

In addition to championing innovation, Digital Isle of Man recognises the importance of strengthening the links between academia, research and ICT capabilities in the Island’s school leavers, university graduates and those returning to the workplace. The Digital Agency strives to make the Island a Centre of Digital Excellence, in partnership with the industry sector, its representatives and its educational establishments.

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The Isle of Man has earned the reputation of being an innovative regulator, always at the forefront of new developments. Recent examples include:

  • Introduction of an elective B2B Software Supplier Licence, including blockchain token platforms
  • The launch of Digital Accelerator Programme, providing support and guidance to businesses through current and future regulatory environments

Developments like these allow our licensed operators to take advantage of cutting edge advancements. Other jurisdictions will undoubtedly follow the Isle of Man, but why wait? Gain early mover advantage with an Isle of Man Licence.


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Digital Isle of Man is responsible for the shared vision and strategy of the Isle of Man as an internationally well-regarded and diverse digital nation.

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