08 April 2024

Sixteen businesses from across the globe will face their industry peers on 13 June, as they present cutting-edge solutions at the Isle of Man's highly anticipated ‘Innovation Challenge: Finale’ at the Comis Hotel.

The Challenge, aimed at promoting innovation and collaboration in a biosphere attracted a diverse range of applicants. Over 50 applications were received from 20 countries.

Following a rigorous selection process, 16 finalists from countries such as the UK, Australia, Singapore and the USA were selected; offering solutions to some of the Island’s pressing needs within FinTech, Data & AI and Cleantech. In the lead up to the Finale day in June, finalists will be provided with tailored mentoring and support from the Island’s business leaders, as well as networking opportunities with industry peers as they bring their solutions to life.

Hon. Tim Johnston MHK, Minister for Enterprise said:

‘With the Isle of Man as a thriving hub for global innovators, we're thrilled by the diverse and ambitious applications for our most extensive Innovation Challenge yet. Our Island's dynamic ecosystem—bolstered by a supportive business community and experienced mentors – promises a rich landscape for pioneering solutions addressing sustainability, technology and financial challenges.

‘As we welcome this cohort, we're excited to foster ground breaking ideas aimed at driving technological advancements in the Isle of Man.’

The competition will culminate at a finale event on Thursday 13 June, during which finalists will have the opportunity to present their solutions to an expert panel of judges, digital technology businesses and wider industry.

The event will include notable speakers from the industry and will be attended by key professionals in the financial, business, tourism and digital industries.

Winners in each category will receive local and international promotion and publicity, in addition to extended access to the Isle of Man's marketplace. This includes mentors, potential investors, and customers from various sectors, as well as regulators and government officers, for six months.

As the Isle of Man is also a UNESCO Biosphere, a special prize aligned with its biosphere status is also to be awarded.

Attendee registration for the Innovation Challenge: Finale will open on Thursday 9 May, with the event taking place at the Comis Hotel.

Further information about the Innovation Challenge can be found here.



The 16 selected participants for the Innovation Challenge include:


FinTech category


Mutual Credit

Thomas Murray




Data & AI category

Acentrik (Mercedes-Benz)






Cleantech category