29 February 2024

What is J-Cat Games and the Godshard Chronicles?

J-Cat Games is a company founded by Jacqueline and Elmon Dean Todd that makes video games, novels, and comics, along with matching collectables. Godshard Chronicles is our first video game we’re making, which is an action RPG for PC and consoles. We already have novels and comics based on the Godshard universe, so this is our way of expanding it to a broader audience.

You can find out more about us on our website:

Or you can visit us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


What was the initial idea and vision behind your business? What are your objectives and goals for the company and game?

We originally started a business in Florida by importing anime goods and rarities from Japan and selling them at conventions, but we wanted to create our own line of products. We did this with Godshard Chronicles, which received a warm reception. During a visit to Isle of Man in 2022, we had a friend who suggested we could start a business here in the Isle of Man on an Innovator’s Visa. When we entered the Department of Enterprise headquarters to pick up some information someone came out to meet us and talk about how we could initiate our startup business here. So that is exactly what we did, founding a company focused on video game and comic development.

Our objective is to release more games and comics after Godshard Chronicles, including sequels and new intellectual properties, similar to how the company Falcom does in Japan. For our Godshard Chronicles comics we have partnered with an American publisher called Antarctic Press to sell and distribute our comics in North America. Premium Edition Games will sell and distribute physical copies of our Godshard Chronicles game for Switch and PlayStation 5 worldwide. All we need to do is finish our game and continue the momentum!


What were the key factors that led you to set up in the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is very friendly towards new startups compared to many other parts of the world. Digital Isle of Man has been very helpful for us, and supportive of a video game developer coming to the island as part of their video games and esports initiative. They sat down with us, and provided us information about financial support options such as grants and the criteria for National Insurance exemptions. We would never have had this support where we came from.

Regarding our personal lifestyles the island life is quite safe and convenient for us. For instance, our office is within walking distance to the supermarket, the gym, the schools, our home, and even our lawyers!  Back in Florida, we’d have to drive through a lot of stress-inducing traffic to access all of the above, and the commute takes up quite a huge chunk of your day.  


Was the process of setting up a business in the Isle of Man easier or harder than you expected and what level of support was available to you?

Setting up the business was much easier than I expected. As I mentioned earlier, the Department of Enterprise and Digital Isle of Man have been extremely helpful. The process of registering the company, receiving a tax reference number and such was straight forward.  

We did face challenges in setting up a business bank account. Back in Florida setting up an account was a same day process, but that is not so with some of the banks on the island. When you’re trying to start a new life and business in a new country, any delay can feel like a long time!

Fortunately Santander allowed us to instantly apply for a personal account, and Revolut took us on for a business account. Once we cleared the hurdle of setting up the bank accounts, everything has been relatively smooth.


What is on the horizon for J-Cat Games, and what are you looking forward to moving forward?

Today we are launching our Kickstarter campaign, which is a crowdfunding platform where people can support us and fund the development of our game in return for the finished product and other limited-edition merchandise. Our campaign has around 1,500 followers already so we’re quite optimistic about the outcome and that its success will also help with publicity and marketing moving forward.

In addition, we’re in talks with a Japanese manga publisher to distribute the Godshard Chronicles comic series throughout Japan. In the meantime, we’ll continue development on our IP. If the above turns out successful, we intend to hire and train more employees on the Isle of Man and continue doing business here for many years to come.