Digital Isle 2022 Session Videos

16 December 2022

Many thanks to everyone who attended Digital Isle 2022, we hope you found the event insightful. 

For those who didn't have the chance to attend, or for those people who wish to recap a specific session, the recordings of the sessions can be seen below.

Main Room 

Session one - Digital Isle of Man update

We take a look back at Digital Isle of Man's achievements and success over the past year. Looking to the future, what are our aspirations for the coming year and how will this support business growth on-island?


Session two - Collaboration across the Crown Dependencies 

An opportunity to hear from our sister jurisdictions on their successes over the past year. looking to the future, what are our aspirations for the coming year and how will this support business growth on-island?


Session three - eGaming headwinds 

What are the trends within the industry globally and how will that affect the island's ecosystem?


Session four - Building the foundations for FinTech together 

How are the Agencies, Regulator and industry working together to build a FinTech sector in the Isle of Man? 


Session five - Building a global business from the Isle of Man

What are the key considerations for building a global facing business from the Isle of Man and how can our ecosystem support this?



Session six - The Island's data economy proposition 

Data is one of the most valuable assests of the 21st century. How can we leverage the Island's strengths in regulation, connectivity and security to offer a unique proposition for data businesses?


Session seven - Unpicking ESG 

ESG encompasses a panoply of topics, approaches and solutions and can be a complex landscape to work through. We explore where, within this expanse, businesses can find the most value.


Session eight - Digital Government as a business enabler 

Government Technology Services showcases the highlights of its newly approved digital strategy and we look at how a digital Government can support innovation.


Session nine - Building future workforce 

Bridging the skills gap is a priority across the board, both in the short term but to also build upon the workforce going forwards. How can Government and industry work together to close a gap now and in the future? 


Session ten - FinTech Innovation - join the challenge 

As we look toward the launch of the Isle of Man's FinTech Innovation Challenge, where can the Island's ecosystem play its role? 



Breakout Room 

Session one - What's next for Esports? 

We explore the latest thinking in this emerging and fast paced industry and reflect on our learnings in terms of developing regulation.


Session two - The Smart Island kaleidoscope 

Looking through the different lenses of a Smart place can provide a very different view - what value will each view unlock for the Isle of Man?


Session three - Isle of Man telecoms on the global stage 

How can the Isle of man stand out on a global stage with an emphasis on infrastructure and connectivity?


Session four - Talent acquisition & logistics 

People are at the very heart of business. In a world where skills are premium, we discuss strategies to attract, retain and mobilise your workforce.


Session five - Are we nearly there yet?

What's most important - the destination or the journey? We explore how the public and private sectors can work together and look at what drives the biggest impact.


Session six - Cyber blind spots 

There is no doubt that cyber-crime is on the rise. We explore the most common blind spots for businesses that can cause the most devastating impacts.


Session seven - Supporting emerging eGaming markets

The Isle of Man is home to a rich ecosystem of eGaming expertise, but how can our ecosystem support the development of new eGaming markets from the Isle of Man.