11 December 2023

Many thanks to everyone who attended Digital Isle 2023, we hope you found the event insightful. 

For those who didn't have the chance to attend, or for those people who wish to recap a specific session, the recordings of the sessions can be seen below.



Session one - Digital Isle of Man update & Programme for 2024

We take a look back at Digital Isle of Man's achievements and success over the past year. Looking to the future, what are our aspirations for the coming year and how will this support business growth on-island? View the presentation slides here.


Session two - Digital Isle 2022: Key theme recap

Discussion around key themes of Digital Isle 2022, progress made so far, and forward discussion on plans for 2024


Session three - AI in the Isle of Man: The vision

What is the Isle of Man’s vision for its AI journey? We take a look at what success in this area could look like, as well as the economic and wider opportunities incorporating AI. View the presentation slides here.


Session four - AI in the Isle of Man: The approach

Following on from the vision for the Isle of Man, how in practical terms do we plan to approach this? View the presentation slides here.


Session five - Charting the course: Navigating the headwinds and tailwinds for business in the Isle of Man

What do we consider the challenges (headwinds) facing the Isle of Man in the coming 5 years and how can we leverage the advantages (tailwinds)? This session will consider the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats pertinent to the Island’s business environment


Session six - Empowering ESG journey's on the Isle of Man

An inclusive discussion that caters to businesses at various stages of their ESG journey, with a focus on the tools and support needed to help businesses realise their ESG ambitions, emphasising the adaptability and accessibility of resources and strategies to the tech sector in the Isle of Man


Session seven - Global FinTech Landscape

What are the key themes in the FinTech global landscape and how will this affect the Isle of Man and its offering? Session will also introduce the Innovation Hub, how it works and how it supports business growth


Session eight - eGaming regulation: Staying ahead of the game

The Isle of Man is renowned for its regulatory regime in the eGaming sector - but how can the Island evolve further to ensure it remains relevant?


Session nine - Upskilling workforces

In a world where talent is at a premium, and with the influx of new technologies, roles are evolving - what are the skills most in demand and how can the public/private sector work together to upskill to meet needs?


Session ten - Building communities of practice

How can the Isle of Man’s tech sector work together to create a community which supports the success of the sector?


Session eleven - Innovation Challenge 2024

Launch of the 2024 Innovation Challenge, timeline and example statements. View the presentation slides here.



Session one - Building up steam in the Video Games and Esports industry

Examining key learnings from 2023's revised approach to the video games and esports industry, outlining the next steps based on our achievements, and how the Isle of Man will contribute to the industry’s future


Session two - Cybersecurity key trends

This session will take the findings from OCSIA’s recent CYBERISLE conference and talk through the highlights and key areas businesses need to be aware of


Session three - Electronic Transactions Act reform

What is the art of the possible with the planned reform of the Electronic Transactions Act? How will this open doors to positive change in areas other than wet signatures?


Session four - Empowering tomorrow's innovators: Your role in supporting our Island's future in STEM

A discussion with local charities Code Club and Love Tech on how to create a legacy of skilled talent on the Isle of Man, and how this is vital for ensuring sustained business success


Session five - Data stewardship

Data stewardship is the quality and consistency of data management. We are exploring how Isle of Man Foundations can support data stewardship with data assets and independent Trustees. Learn more about our work


Session six - Media opportunities in the Isle of Man

Following on from a rich background in film, what are the opportunities for the media sector now in the Isle of Man?