Elite Group IOM: Cloud First Strategy

23 February 2021

Matt Newing, Elite Group Founder, Talks Cloud-First Strategy and How Your Business Can Benefit from the Power of the Cloud.

Whilst the term ‘cloud-first’ may sound like just another IT buzzword, it’s certainly no passing fad. Indeed, cloud technology is quickly becoming the future of business IT – and already bringing a plethora of benefits for businesses willing to take the dive. Office technology is increasingly moving away from on-site hardware and towards cloud computing, allowing businesses to take advantage of off-site hosting to optimise everything from office phone systems and desktops to data storage and application usage. As fixed line technology becomes increasingly redundant and outdated, your business needs to look to the future, embracing cloud computing to remain dynamic and competitive in a ‘cloud-first’ world.

At Elite Group IOM, we’re constantly evolving our products and services to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible service and value for money to our customers. Whether that’s moving away from the ISDN and embracing VOIP technology or investing more in cloud hosting, we’re always one step ahead of the game when it comes to new technology. As part of our latest innovation, Elite Group IOM is embracing a ‘cloud-first strategy’ across the business.

But what exactly does ‘cloud-first’ mean? Or ‘cloud computing’ for that matter? Don’t let the IT jargon put you off, cloud technology isn’t as complicated as it seems.