19 October 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, a company named Arcube is making waves as it onboards brands into the world of web3, creating unique experiences, and breaking barriers to make this technology accessible to all. With a vision to enable web3 technology for day-to-day use by everyone, Arcube is working towards demystifying the complexities often associated with the web3 space. Let us dive deeper into who Arcube is, what they do, their vision for the future, and how the Isle of Man has played a pivotal role in their journey.

Who is Arcube and what do they do?

Arcube is a cutting-edge technology company that specialises in web3 solutions. Their core services include tech development, consulting, and helping brands understand and leverage the potential of web3 technology in unprecedented ways. They aim to bring web3 to the masses by providing innovative and user-friendly applications that make the most of this transformative technology.

The vision for the business

Arcube's vision is clear and ambitious: to make web3 technology a part of everyday life for everyone. They strive to create a seamless and intuitive user experience, ensuring that individuals of all ages and backgrounds can harness the benefits of web3 without being hindered by its complexities. Additionally, the company seeks to pioneer the use of web3 technology in novel areas, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, even working on its applications on the moon.

Why the Isle of Man is an ideal Home for Arcube

The Isle of Man has proven to be the perfect base for Arcube, primarily due to its exceptional networking opportunities. The island provides a conducive environment for connecting with individuals and businesses, fostering collaborations and partnerships without barriers. Regular events and open discussions on various topics make it easier for Arcube to engage with like-minded professionals and explore innovative ideas.

Moreover, the support provided by Digital Isle of Man has been instrumental in Arcube's success. The Agency actively facilitates meaningful connections, introducing Arcube to potential collaborators and guiding them through their journey.

Benefits of the Isle of Man tech ecosystem to Arcube

The Isle of Man ecosystem has brought several advantages to Arcube's business endeavours. One notable achievement is their collaboration with the Isle of Man Post Office and Digital Isle of Man to launch the first retrievable Digital Stamps to the moon. This pioneering project marks a significant milestone for both Arcube and the Isle of Man in the web3 space.

Challenges faced during the business start-up

Starting a business in the web3 industry came with its share of challenges for Arcube. With numerous potential applications across diverse industries, identifying the most promising areas to focus their efforts was a daunting task. Additionally, delivering on tight deadlines while working with large clients demanded careful planning and execution.

Digital Isle of Man's support in Arcube's Journey

Digital Isle of Man's support has been invaluable to Arcube's growth. By facilitating connections and providing insights into new avenues for technology deployment, Digital Isle of Man has played a crucial role in Arcube's evolution. The organisation has been instrumental in setting up meetings between Arcube and potential partners, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

Arcube's collaborations with big brands

Arcube has successfully collaborated with big brands like Etihad Airways on their recent partnership for the latest Mission: Impossible release, showcasing the versatility and impact of their web3 solutions.

With Etihad Airways, Arcube released a digital asset collection that allowed buyers to unlock exclusive benefits such as lounge access and priority check-in in Abu Dhabi. In another project, Arcube partnered with Etihad Airways as the official airline partner for the film Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One. Buyers of the utility-backed NFT collection received Silver status on Etihad, along with membership in the Etihad: Virtual Club, offering custom-designed cards and additional benefits.

Moreover, Arcube introduced the Etihad Horizon Club, where digital asset holders can earn Etihad miles by locking up their assets, experimenting with customer loyalty and digital engagement.

Digital Assets for events and introducing Web3 to mainstream audiences

Arcube is actively exploring the vast potential of web3 technology in diverse industries. They recognise that web3 can revolutionise digital identity security, enable instant global transfers and everything in-between. The industry's capitalisation exceeding $1 trillion signifies immense untapped value. However, Arcube acknowledges the barriers to widespread adoption and is committed to bridging this gap.

Their focus on creating user-friendly applications and fostering web3 understanding among mainstream audiences is paramount to their vision. By making web3 accessible and intuitive, Arcube aims to empower people of all generations to harness the benefits of this revolutionary technology in their everyday lives.

Medium to Long-Term Plans and Isle of Man's Role

In the medium to long term, Arcube aims to continuously develop their Etihad Horizon Club platform and explore collaborations with various industries. Their focus on enhancing customer rewards, engagement, and digital revenue generation remains central to their mission.

The Isle of Man is an integral part of Arcube's journey, thanks to its diverse and highly digital economy. The connections and partnerships forged on the island are instrumental in the development of new products and solutions, fuelling Arcube's growth and success.

In conclusion, Arcube is a visionary company at the forefront of web3 technology adoption. Their dedication to making web3 accessible to everyone, coupled with strategic collaborations and support from the Isle of Man, positions them as a driving force in transforming how we interact with technology in our daily lives. As they continue to break barriers and pioneer new frontiers, Arcube's impact is set to extend far beyond the digital realm, shaping the future of a more inclusive and technologically advanced world.


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