Strategic Partners: 2020 Update

22 December 2020

In last year’s end of year article, we introduced our then new Strategic Partnership model, created with the objective of facilitating and tackling barriers to on-Island business growth, improving relationships with industry, continuously improving our value proposition for digital businesses, and attracting new digital businesses to the Island. The team quickly set about creating new tools and processes in order for us to better serve our stakeholders and generate new business. These included an opportunity pipeline tracker, strategic account plans, and the introduction of our Digital Accelerator Programme, created to fast-track the business journey and ensure speed to value. These measures have allowed the Agency to adopt a much more targeted and focussed approach to assisting our Island’s businesses.

Now, one year on, we have identified and engaged with over 100 stakeholders, providing each with the dedicated account manager. A system that was quickly put into practice throughout the lockdown period, with our Strategic Partner team assisting a number of digital businesses seeking support and timely information with regular contact and updates and identifying opportunities for financial assistance. The team were also instrumental in the development of return to work guidance notes for our sectors.

Due to travel restrictions this year and the cancellation of many events, we’ve had to completely change our approach to attracting new business to the Island. Our strategic partners have worked with the industry heads to develop a content strategy approach in collaboration with industry, to attract businesses to our website as well as developing a prospecting approach to actively engage our target audiences.

Collaboration has between industry and Government has been driven by our Strategic Partners and the agency as a whole, and 2021 will be no different as we concentrate on a collaborative business development approach with our Island’s ecosystem, showcasing the skills and services available to new businesses. The team will also continue to support local businesses, tackling any barriers to business that may arise and ensuring that there is a continuous trusted partnership between the public and private sector.