Virtual TT - Meet the Gamer: Aaron Hislop

01 June 2020

The third gamer taking part in the Virtual TT powered by Motul is Aaron Hislop. An Isle of Man local, Aaron's history with the TT goes way back to his childhood when he would watch his Dad - 11 time TT winner, Steve Hislop - race.

Aaron will be joining Raul Torras Martinez to form Team Three.

What excited you most about joining the Virtual TT competition?

I was most excited about getting to use my Dad on the game because it shows how much he’s still respected by people around the world.

Do you think you have a home advantage?

I wouldn’t say I have the home advantage because I’m currently in a full arm cast so I think that gives the other players a bigger advantage!

What other games do you enjoy playing and why?

I mainly play FIFA 20 and Call of Duty. I like FIFA because I’m into my football and Call of Duty is a good game to play with my mates.

What part of the TT course have you found the most difficult to navigate?

The hardest part of the course is probably Ramsey hairpin because you’re going that slow round the corner, the bike turns really quickly. 


Aaron and Raul will be third up in the Virtual TT series. You can watch their race on Monday 8 June from 8pm BST at or YouTube

Be sure to tune in from 6pm BST to enjoy the build up with the 'TT Lock-In' programme.