Virtual TT - Meet the Gamer: Alex Petrov

05 June 2020

The eighth and final gamer taking part in the Virtual TT is Alex Petrov from Moscow, Russia.

Alex works in the gaming industry but in his spare time he builds racecars in his friend's workshop!

He will be joining the UK's Peter Hickman in Team Eight!


What excited you most about joining the Virtual TT competition?

The most exciting thing for me in this project, is to be paired with a real biker.


Did you know much about the Isle of Man or TT before you were asked to take part?

I knew a little, I am more of a car guy, but since I like vehicles in general I watched some laps of previous TT races.


Which part of the track did you find most difficult?

Actually two of them, one is in the very beginning where you have to ride through the very tight streets of the city, and the second one is closer to the end of the track where you have to ride really fast on hills, with a risk of flying off the cliff.


Who do you think is the one to beat (racer or gamer)?

It all comes to practice, but I believe that track awareness is very important and will give a huge advantage during the race. So I would bet on racers.


Outside of TT, what is your go-to game and why?

All types of car driving simulators (assetto corsa, wrc, dirt, nfs etc.) and League of Legends.


How did you get into gaming?

I have been playing since my early childhood on my NES. Then it became my hobby, then it became part of my life (I work in the gaming industry!)


Alex and Peter will be last up to race. You can watch their race on Friday 12 June from 8:15pm BST at or YouTube

Be sure to tune in from 7pm BST to enjoy the build up with the 'TT Lock-In' programme.