27 March 2024

Digital Isle of Man are currently recruiting a Head of Artificial Intelligence on the Isle of Man, to support the development and implementation of the Isle of Man's AI strategy which will support sustainable economic growth and establish the Isle of Man as a Centre of international excellence for AI.

This position is not just about leading AI strategy and innovation; it’s about making a significant impact to our Island. This is an opportunity to enhance business competitiveness, improve government services and foster innovation across our sectors.

This work will position the Isle of Man as a progressive and forward-thinking jurisdiction, with scope to attract investment and talent to spur digital advancements.

The role is at the heart of leading ground-breaking AI policies and strategies which will have a lasting impact on the Island’s technological advancement and economic prosperity.


We spoke to Digital Isle of Man Board member, Jason Bissell, who has over 25 years experience in Data and AI industry worldwide, about what the role entails and what we're looking for in the ideal candidate:


What will they be doing?

As the Head of AI, your role will be to lead the development and execution of a comprehensive AI Strategy. The objective extends beyond leveraging AI for innovation; it encompasses fostering sustainable economic growth, instituting ethical AI practices, and establishing the Isle of Man as a globally recognised centre of AI excellence.

How will they work with businesses on-Island?

Collaboration is key for this role. You'll be the bridge between the government and our vibrant business community, identifying AI opportunities to enhance operations, streamline processes, and drive growth. Through education and our strategic partnerships, you'll bring AI to the forefront of our island's economic development, ensuring businesses are equipped for the future.

What will they deliver?

Your expertise will result in key deliverables: the development of a comprehensive AI Policy, the establishment of a detailed Governance Framework, and the creation of AI solution prototypes. Your contributions will be critical in improving government operations and assisting the private sector. This work is essential in building a foundation for an AI-enabled future here on the Isle of Man.

What skills and experience are required for this role?

The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of AI's technical aspects and have a proven track record in developing evidence-based strategies and delivering AI-based solutions. Strong communication, negotiation and influencing skills are ideal, alongside leadership and team-building qualities.
And finally, they should exhibit a high-energy, proactive mindset to position the Isle of Man as a progressive and forward-thinking jurisdiction who are committed to becoming a nation that harnesses AI to its full potential!


If you want to know more about the role, view the job description and person specification, and find out how to apply, click here.