Who are Readynez? Meet the Island's new IT- Training provider

22 January 2021

Launching in April 2021, the award-winning skill solutions provider Readynez will be opening an IT-training centre on the Isle of Man.

Readynez are a well-known brand in the European Training Industry. Using a unique training method, they have won not only the trust and respect of their customers and partners, but also numerous highly prestigious awards in recognition of their quality training during their 12 years in business.

Their Story

For over a decade, Readynez has been enabling digital transformation with cutting-edge Skill Solutions in every type of business – big and small:

Through years of experience working with more than 1000 top companies in the world, Readynez has architected a special method for learning combining immersion and a very hands-on training style to take learning ambitions from intent to impact.

Plus, if you’re in need of technical people, there’s even a solution for that. These days executives are hiring for Talent, not experience. That’s why Readynez is recognized by 500+ customers so far, as the gold standard to solve even the most complex technical skills-crisis. Get fresh people recruited and trained to fit your needs and see the effect of hyper relevant skills, ready to power your business from day one.

And last but not least, you can also opt in to an open platform, Readynez365, powering continuous learning, certification and compliance for business in the skills-first economy. Start a new way of organizing skills with this open platform offering new and existing content from any vendor, that is organized for your job roles and then tracked for goals and compliance and made engaging for your learners.

Why the Isle of Man?

Well, for Readynez it was a very straight forward decision to open a Training Centre in Douglas.

Jason Crane, Learning Consultant from Readynez says:

“From conversations with fellow Islanders, it was very clear there was a real desire and appetite for improving digital skills across the Island with a clear focus on four key areas - upskilling, re-training, apprenticeship/trailblazer programme and attracting more woman into tech.

"We have a proven blue-print for this type of skills initiative, having successfully implemented a digital skills initiative into Greenland, the similarities were very apparent in early conversations in terms of scale and a real Island collaborative effort and desire to make it happen.

"All matters around skills and Digital Change are very close to our hearts. It’s in our DNA to help bring training that actually works for everyone who needs it, and when we met with the people from Digital Isle of Man, it was obvious that they were as keen as we are about the skills agenda.

For us it was a fantastic opportunity to work with Digital Isle of Man on this project.”

Frank Hojgaard the CEO of Readynez continues to say, that the timing of opening a training Centre on the Isle of Man is just perfect, considering the increasing speed of tech adoption and the consequential digital skills gap, that has been a global trend for some time.

Frank says: “Now, technology is constantly disrupting the nature of job roles, as organizations move to a continuous development approach instead of four year upgrade cycles. As a consequence, the right people and skills are now more difficult to find, develop and manage than technology itself. Now, we are talking with Executives about a whole different management idea for this new continuous learning approach.”


Meet Readynez

Get familiar with all the training options at the website, which has been developed specifically for us on the Isle of Man https://www.readynez.com/im/Training/courses, and don’t miss the opportunity to meet some of the people from Readynez at the Virtual launch event on Thursday 4th February at 11am.

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Digital Skills on Isle of Man, the challenges and opportunities by Lyle Wraxall, Digital Isle of Man
  • Who are Readynez - A warm welcome from CEO & Co-Founder, Frank Hojgaard
  • A schedule of course offerings for the Isle Of Man
  • Isle of Man Apprenticeship/Trailblazer Program – A NEW vision..!
  • Attracting more Woman into TECH on the Isle of Man

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Look forward to seeing you there.