sMaRt iSlanD

Our Smart Island initiative drives a culture of Smart Government to show businesses and citizens the tangible benefits of real time open data, leading to smarter decisions. The three pillars of a Smart Nation plan are; Digital Government, Digital Business, and Digital Society.  We will deliver infrastructure to enable Internet of Things (IoT) innovation, champion IoT within Govt to drive efficiencies & business friendly policies on data use, support industry to show how digital technologies can increase productivity & improve sustainability, and secure global coverage of our Smart Island journey.

We are initially focused on Government improvements and saving money with a more coordinated approach, we will be sharing case studies with quantifiable benefits described which we hope will resonate with our industry and wider society.  Our priority will be to explore projects aligned to our economic strategy that support productivity and societal improvements.

If you’d like to learn more, or talk to us about collaboration, trial or promotional opportunities we would love to hear from you!

wHat Is a sMart Island?