mAnX esPoRts

Manxesports is producing and organising tournaments and events for the competitive and leisure video gaming community. Our events and activities are connecting people of all ages, gender and backgrounds.  Being truly inclusive as a sport and hobby, the aim is to give talent a stage and passionate athletes and 'pastime-warriors' opportunities to have fun and enjoy themselves doing what they love. With decades of experience in the event industry, it was just natural to expand in this space and offer great, professional service to the public and the private clients. We like to believe that we are doing our part in spreading the word about the good of esports and video gaming, which is such an integral part of today's life.


Tournaments, social and corporate events, educational sessions, coached clinics, holiday camps, venue finding, networking and location insight.


T: +44 (0)1624 667 818


Discord - Manxesports