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At Roosens, we specialize in tailor-made DRM security solutions, offering comprehensive anti-piracy and anti-leak measures. While our primary focus is on safeguarding video games, we also extend our expertise to protect other 64-bit Windows software. Our solutions are fortified with advanced anti-reverse engineering technology, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access. In addition to DRM security, we also provide event security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a background in AAA game security, we bring unparalleled expertise and insights to empower our clients to safeguard their digital assets confidently.


Our anti-piracy solution prevents piracy by restricting the amount of machine activations within a configured timespan, accomplished through downloading a unique machine activation token at the first start of the software. Calculations on the token, secured by anti-reverse engineering technology, allow the protected software to run. This approach ensures that protected software and games remain secure from unauthorized access and distribution. We seamlessly integrate this solution into stores like Microsoft, Steam, and Epic Store, with activation occurring in the background to ensure the majority of users remain unaware of it. The protection profiling is achieved by cherry-picking game functions to protect, significantly streamlining QA processes and ensuring seamless performance without compromising on security. For software not integrated into stores, our white-label DRM with activation keys provides robust protection against unauthorized access and distribution. Furthermore, our solution ensures infrequent protection code execution, particularly beneficial for devices operating on battery power, such as laptops and handhelds.

Our anti-leak solution utilizes IP-based execution control and automated leak reports to safeguard against unauthorized access and distribution of intellectual property. By identifying and addressing potential security breaches in real-time, we provide clients with unparalleled peace of mind, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their digital assets.

Both our anti-piracy and anti-leak solutions can be applied with a simple post-build command-line, eliminating the need for source code changes. This streamlined process ensures efficient integration into existing software projects without disrupting development workflows.

When it comes to event security, Roosens offers a specialized solution with fullscreen locking, effectively preventing attendees from switching to other applications or exiting to the desktop. Tailored for tradeshows, demos, kiosk screens, and esports events where organizers supply computers, our software ensures comprehensive protection against leaks or mischievous changes to the operating system, as well as running cheats or other malicious code, guaranteeing a secure event environment. This is achieved through a standalone executable, eliminating the need for any source-code changes.